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If you would like to share your experiences dealing with mental illness, then this is a safe space for you. Whether you are writing from the perspective of a caregiver, a family member, a patient or just anyone who has been impacted by mental illness, you are welcome here.

As I am working towards building a safe space for story sharing, please note the guidelines below:

1. You may write about any topic. It can be good experiences, bad ones, hopeful, hopeless… it doesn’t matter. But it must be kept free from disparaging, defamatory, inflammatory, libelous, untrue statements. Please share your own experiences and keep it true and factual.

2. Please note that Not A Pretty Picture reserves the right to review, edit and publish or reject submitted articles accordingly to ensure legality and that the guidelines are met.

3. Please keep your article to under 700 words. Please submit a title along with your article.

4. Please note that a consent and indemnification form will be sent to you for your completion as part of the process of submitting your story.

5. You must own the copyright of the article and images you submit, or have express written permission for their use.

6. Please share a brief bio of about 50 words about yourself. If you’d like to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym, do let me know.

7. Please note that by submitting your story, you agree to have your work shared publicly on any of the Not A Pretty Picture platforms, not limited to website and social media channels.

If you’d like to submit your story or have any questions, please email me at or via the Contact form.

Story ideas to get you inspired.

1. Tips on how you keep your sanity despite all that you have to deal with.

2. Any useful resources that you have to share e.g. support groups, events or other reputable websites / platforms.

3. How you plan for the future, as a caregiver when you are no longer able to provide the care to your charge.

4. If you suffer from any mental health issues / illnesses, your daily experiences or a snapshot of an experience.

5. If you’re in recovery, perhaps sharing your own experiences of how you got on the path to recovery.

You don’t necessarily have to write a story by yourself, you can email me if you have any information to share and we can take it from there.

Good luck, and I look forward to hearing from you!


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