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6 days 3 hours ago

Helping your child deal with trauma. The good folk at Beyond the Label share what to look out for.

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1 week 2 days ago

It took a tragedy for trauma to be thrust into our local spotlight. There are good points in this article about looking out for signs and how to manage. I found these to be really relevant:
1. Not taking the teen's behaviour (anger outbursts, for e.g.) personally.
2. Building a culture of talking about emotions.
3. Getting professional help.

#LetsTalkAboutIt #noshameingettingprofessionalhelp #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthsg

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3 weeks 4 days ago

Simple summary from Psychology Blossom on the Mistrust & Abuse Schema. My layperson interpretation of the term schema as used in psychology refers to patterns of thinking, our framework that helps us process information. We can break these patterns through schema therapy, which is something I first learned about when I went for therapy last year.

Good job, Psychology Blossom , hope to see more such informative and easy-to-understand infographics on schemas!

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1 month 34 minutes ago

Did you know that Mental Illness in a family is considered an Adverse Childhood Experience with far-reaching consequences on adult's mental well-being? I grew up with my brother and his schizophrenia, and I may not have realised it then, but the trauma of his illness and being emotionally neglected as a child has had its impact on me.
Happy to have had a chance to share my story with CNA938 #SingaporeStories.
Part 1 of the interview will be aired tonight from 9.10pm-10pm, and you can also listen to it via www.melisten.sg/radio/cna938.

#mentalhealthsg #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth

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1 month 22 hours ago

It was during therapy last year when I discovered the psychological concept of Emotional Neglect and it has been so enlightening to me. And, I am not alone. At 46.5%, Emotional Neglect is the most prevalent Adverse Childhood Experience faced by Singaporeans. Read on to find out why this is such an important topic that needs to be understood.

#emotionalneglect #childhoodemotionalneglect #mentalhealth #mentalhealthsg

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1 month 2 weeks ago

Happening from 14 August, the Asia-Pacific Mindfulness Conference 2021. More info here: asiapacificmindfulnessconference.com/
Sign up for your FREE Webinar Pass today. Offer ends 30 June 2021. apmc2021.eventbrite.sg/

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1 month 3 weeks ago

"Our empathic capacity can be as misdirected as any other ability." Empathy, unhealthy boundaries and self-sabotage - I definitely have experienced this unholy trinity. And I am doing what I can to break out of this cycle. Do not ever feel guilty for placing your own mental well-being needs first. Shall we start by doing one little thing this week for a little self-care? It can be anything from saying no to something or a daily 5 minute meditation or simply, spending a little time on your favourite hobby! Have a good week, all.

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1 month 4 weeks ago

Being quick to assume someone's strange behaviour is due to mental illness invalidates the struggles of those who are really dealing with mental illness. "Crazy lah" or "Confirm mental case" - just stop it.

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2 months 1 week ago

Tomorrow, May 24th marks World Schizophrenia Day. This illness is among the most misunderstood and debilitating mental illnesses around. 1 in 116 Singaporeans have been diagnosed with schizophrenia at some point in their lives, as reported in the latest statistics shared by IMH from the 2016 Singapore Mental Health study.

I wrote the song Fade Away about my brother who struggles with this illness. The observations, the impact, the trauma, as seen from the eyes of a sibling.

Here’s the Official Lyric Video from my band, Buddha in the Balcony. Hope you will find some time to feel the song and share. Thank you.

#WorldSchizophreniaDay #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthsg #musicandmentalhealth #thisfeeling

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2 months 1 week ago

In 2 days' time, I will mark World Schizophrenia Awareness Day by sharing a video of the song I wrote about my brother and his illness. Meanwhile the article below has good information from the 2016 Mental Health Study done in SGP. One in 43 Singaporeans has had a psychotic disorder, and the most common is schizophrenia. Read on for real-life experiences of those living with mental illness.

#mentalhealthsg #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #mentalhealth

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