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5 Practical tips to get you out of the funk

This is really more for when you feel a little meh or if you’re just going about your day and then something triggers you.

It’s not the solution for full-blown depression or anything major. We all get in a funk sometimes, and these are some stuff I have stashed in my pocket that help me deal. Maybe it will make sense to you too.

And wait… I’m not going to tell you to practise yoga or drink herbal tea. None of that mambo jumbo. This is straight up good shit.

Here we go.

1. Watch a funny video. Or a cat video.

I know, am I for real? Sounds like a cop-out to suggest watching a cat video but… hear me out.

I know so many say humour is a great antidote to depression etc, but I’m not talking about generic feel good mantras like keeping a positive outlook etc.

I’m literally telling you to chop that sad thought out of your head, and watch a video.

When I started this blog, after a day or so of writing such intense articles, it naturally got to me. I knew I was heading for a funk, and it just happened to be around the time this silly Youtube Brown Bar video by famous comedians of Indian ethnicity was popping up on my Facebook feed.

I happened to see it, and after 5 minutes of that hilarious distraction, it just served to slap my brain up and prevent it from spiralling into an hour of sadness.

A handy nip in the bud.

2. Drop 10.

Yep like the army. Fall to the floor and start your pushups. Or do 10 burpees. I’m not telling you to go for a walk or the gym, because by the time you change and all, we don’t have time for that.

This is all about snapping yourself out of the funk, so we need quick moves. Just do it. You will have a nice butt and arms after. And then you will be physically hurting, so you won’t have time for the blues (at least for a while).

3. Get the nasty over and done with, EARLY in the day. (And have a friend ready.)

The next one is to deal with that pit in the stomach, the trepidation, the feeling you get when you know the day calls for you to do something you think might trigger you, and you don’t want to.

Do this tough thing as early in the day as you can. That way, you have the whole day to try and recover from it before the darkness of the night envelopes you.

For example, maybe you are dreading having to tell your parents something important. You know the shit they are going to spew and you can already see it bringing your day down.

You know all that, but you’re also self-aware enough to know that you may not be able to handle your reactions.

So, do it early. And then, because you are so prepared, you would have already enlisted your good friend or whoever is your support system to be there for you. And so, you have a pretty good chance of not spiralling.

4. Keep a Blessing Bowl.

This one requires advanced planning. I got this tip from another article. I thought it sounds pretty cool. She writes her blessings on brightly coloured pieces of paper, drops them in a glass bowl and it becomes the table’s centrepiece.

Whenever she is down or anticipating a stressful moment, it’s within easy access to serve as a reminder of her blessings. And it’s pretty as well.

5. Play that dance-worthy tune. Or any happy beats that remind you of good times.

On no account should you randomly listen to music. Music is awesome, I am surrounded by it.

But when you are in a vulnerable position, a random sad song can push you over.

I don’t have to tell you the many times I was going about my business and then that Kelly Clarkson song comes on and oh, the waterworks start.

(My gym class instructor used to have it as part of her cool-down set list, I would invariably start tearing while stretching! I nearly told her to get rid of it.)

So, go ahead, play your favourite tunes. Get down with Duran Duran, head bang with Metallica, just don’t listen to Demi Lovato’s Anyone for now.

Planned, happy stuff. 😛

How about you? What tips do you have to kick your butt out of a funk? Share in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “5 Practical tips to get you out of the funk

  1. Good stuff Yazz! Personally I like reading uplifting quotes; it lifts the cloud and reminds me to count my blessings.

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