Getting Real About Mental Health

These aren't imagined experiences. They are real stories from those of us whose lives have been impacted by mental health matters.

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Self-care vs Stress Relief – What works for long-term Mental Well-being

Chocolate cake? Long walks in the park? Chillin’ on the couch? Would those be self-care or stress relief? Hey, I’m not one to argue semantics. Really. To each their own. So I’ll just share my totally personal response. Those are Stress Relief. Self-care to me denotes something bigger than an “escape” activity. Self-care almost seems […]

Emotional Neglect – And the role your parents played.

Continuing from my last post on childhood Emotional Neglect, is this article on how it can happen in the 1st place. I first heard about the idea of Emotional Neglect during therapy last year, and have since heard it mentioned in various psychology publications. The prevalence of Emotional Neglect among Singaporeans was also discovered in […]

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